Open Letter to Internet Marketers

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Internet marketing needs a make over. So much is wrong with this industry. For good and bad, the Internet has provided a certain level of anonymity and disassociation not before possible.

Unfortunately, a certain breed of marketer likes to misuse Internet marketing to pry people away from their hard-earned money however they can. It’s disgusting.

Some do so unknowingly. Some don’t care who they hurt and care about nothing but the bottom line.

Many are simply doing Internet marketing wrong.

Does this describe you? Let’s find out.

If you lie to get sales, you’re doing it wrong!

I don’t care how spectacular you think your product is. If you lie about it to sell it, you’re part of the problem.
The same is true for affiliate products. Lying to make a sale is not okay!

If you lie about how much you’re making online to boost your credibility, you’re doing it wrong!

Some bloggers and marketers (who I will not name for this post) like to prop themselves up as experts who are making big bucks online in order to gain credibility. Disgusting. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I’m more likely to trust someone who is honest about his struggles and failures than someone who makes grandiose claims.

If you are okay taking someone’s money without providing value, you’re doing it wrong!

I hate low quality products. I hate that sinking feeling when you buy a product you’re hoping is going to rock and then find out it’s barely even mediocre. What’s worse is that horrid breed of marketer who thinks it’s perfectly fine to promote and sell these junk products to make a quick buck.

If you don’t mind promoting low quality products, you’re doing it wrong!

Look, there are plenty of affiliate products out there to promote left and right. If you don’t mind peddling junk to bring in a few commissions, you have a lot to learn. You should know by now that many products and services being peddled out there. Some products and courses promise great success and instant wealth. Do you care that 97% of people who buy won’t make a cent despite their best efforts? Do you care that most ebooks out there are utter junk and help no one? Do you care people are spending their hard earned money trying to make a dollar and are being lied to? If you don’t care, you’re part of the problem.

If you don’t support your customers, you’re doing it wrong!

If someone is going to plop down money for your product, you need to support him if he has any trouble.
If you refuse to offer a refund if your customer isn’t satisfied because of something you did or didn’t do, you’re doing it wrong.

People are more important than profits!

There’s a saying that I really like. Maybe you’ve heard it.

“If you want to make a million, help a million.”

Some of you have this crazy idea that you can make a million by stealing from a million. If that’s you, quit now. Go home. Just stop. It’s time for Internet marketing to change – one person at a time. Let’s work together to build our businesses in such a way that we benefit everyone involved.

Will you join me?