Avoid These Six Newbie Marketer Mistakes

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Marketing online can be a lot of fun if done right. The information highway we call the Internet has paved the way for entrepreneurship like never before. We live in a time when an online side hustle – or even full time job – is not only realistic but achievable for the average Joe.

However, it’s very important to build a solid foundation for your business. Without a solid foundation, you wind up with a shaky structure. Take time to ensure your foundation is as strong as possible by avoiding these silly mistakes.

Not building a website

Whether you are a brick and mortar business or an individual diving in to affiliate marketing, it’s critical that you take time to plan out and build an attractive and functional website. Why? Your website is your home on the web. With minimal time and money, put your face online and start building your brand.

Not building an email list

One of the favorite catch phrases of the big marketers goes something like, “the money is in the list.” How do you think they feel about building an email list? It’s critical. As an entrepreneur or business owner or marketer, you absolutely must take time to build your email list.

List building isn’t difficult, and it’s very rewarding. Use it to build your brand, connect with subscribers, network, and increase traffic. If you’re new to list building and would like a tutorial, check out ListBootcamp. This is my free email list building course that teaches how to build an email list even if you have no idea where to start.

Promoting junk

It’s no secret that there are a lot of junky products and services out there. Some of these products sound great but are low quality, are outdated, or simply aren’t supported by their creators. These are products no one should buy – and that no one should ever promote.

When someone buys a junk product through your link, you earn a commission just the same. So what’s the big deal? The issue is two-fold.

One, promoting junk products is simply wrong. If I know product XYZ is junk and is a waste of your money, then how dare I ask you to spend your hard earned resources just to pad my pocket. That’s sick. If I genuinely want to help others, I want to be absolutely certain anything I recommend is high quality and sure to provide a nice return on investment.

Two, promoting junk products destroys a reputation. Think about this scenario: Your friend recommends a product to you. You purchase it. It turns out to be garbage. How do you feel about your friend? How do you feel about his recommendation?

Similarly, if you recommend an affiliate product to someone and it turns out to be junk, how will that person feel about you? “Did you know this product is trash?” he asks. Do you think he will ever buy anything you recommend ever again? Would you? Of course not.

For the sake of what is right and for the sake of your reputation, never promote a product unless you are certain it’s excellent.

Being spammy

This isn’t a Monty Python skit. Nobody likes spam. I mean the digital kind, of course. Keep your marketing efforts clean. Being annoying or spammy is a great way to hurt your reputation, lose your subscribers and even get yourself banned from several platforms.

If you’re not sure if a method of promotion is okay, just don’t do it. It’s better to err on the safe side.

Failing to network

This is a people business. Your business stands or falls on the relationships you form. As any offline entrepreneur will tell you, interacting with others and forming professional relationships is absolutely critical. As the saying goes, teamwork makes the dream work. Don’t neglect it!

Find Facebook groups in your niche to join. Get involved in discussions. Exchange information. Consider partnering with another blogger or marketer and share each other’s content. As you build your list, you will encounter like minded individuals. Nurture the relationship.

On that note, you should definitely check out the Marketer’s Den Facebook page! Come say hello!

Expecting instant results

This one is a killer. So many people get into internet marketing and affiliate marketing thinking they can get rich fast. When they don’t earn a million overnight, they give up. They take their ball and go home.

Can you make money online? Absolutely. Will it happen overnight? Probably not. Those who are making a living online have worked and worked and worked for a long time to get to where they are now. It’s illogical to think you can join them overnight.

Success is a slow boil. Keep moving forward, but keep your expectations realistic. Shoot first for making a few dollars a week. Then a few dollars a day. Then $10. Then $30. And keep increasing from there.

When you start small and grow, you avoid disappointment. Instead of thinking “I only made $10 today instead of $100 like I wanted,” come back and recollect your thoughts. “I made $10! Sweet! Let’s see if I can make $15 tomorrow!”

Slow and steady wins the race. Build your momentum with a series of small but consistent steps.

One foot in front of the other

Building a business online is a lot of fun, but make sure to avoid these dream-killing mistakes. You’ll be glad you did.