3 Reasons to Avoid Internet Marketing Like the Plague

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Many people who jump into Internet marketing fail. In fact, I would dare say that most who give it a shot fail.

But why is that?

The fact is, Internet marketing is NOT for everyone. Some people should avoid internet marketing like the plague. Are you one of those people who shouldn’t do anything close to internet marketing?

Let’s find out.

Reason 1 to Avoid Internet Marketing: You plan to get rich quickly.

Oh boy. If I had a nickel for every person who jumped into internet marketing and affiliate promotion expecting to make a quick buck, I’d be a millionaire.

Success is possible with Internet marketing – if you know what you’re doing. But most people expect that instant injection of cash. Good luck with that.

You have gurus left and right essentially promising instant success if you’ll just buy this product or follow this plan. Let’s get real. That’s crap.

I can’t even count how many programs, products and plans I bought into – paying lots of good money – before I finally got a clue. I wasted thousands of dollars because I was looking for instant success. When one product didn’t work overnight, I bought another, and another, and another.

Success is rarely fast – in any field. Internet marketing is no exception. It may take you months or even years to build a growing, thriving business.

Please don’t buy the lie that you can make a million overnight from day one. Lots of products and crummy services promise instant success and overnight payoffs. But that’s just not how it usually goes.

This industry is awesome if you are willing to be patient and put in the time. If you’re not, it’s going to suck for you.

Reason 2 to Avoid Internet Marketing: You’re lazy!

No, success isn’t coming your way overnight. It takes time. But it won’t come at ALL if you aren’t willing to WORK.

This is the other major lie many marketing gurus spew. You can’t just click a button and make money online. Anyone who says you can is lying to you – probably to sell something.

Be honest with yourself. Building a business – any kind of business – takes hard work. Don’t expect to build a business without lifting a finger. If that’s your idea of IM, then don’t bother.

There are days when you will have to make yourself do X or Y. You won’t feel like it. But success doesn’t come for those who do nothing.

Reason 3 to Avoid Internet Marketing: You’re deceptive!

I get so sick and tired of the lies and deception in this industry. Every where I turn I see people promising this and that. I see products that don’t deliver, scummy lead capture tactics, broken promises and lies.

If you don’t mind lying to make a sale or get a subscriber, Internet marketing is NOT the industry for you.

The industry as a whole needs a makeover. We need more people doing things honestly – the right way – and helping people avoid scams and the dregs of the web.

Unfortunately, many people think they need to be deceptive to truly make money online. It’s disgusting.

Wrap up

So here’s the bottom line: If you want to get rich fast or you’re lazy or you’re okay being deceptive, please don’t get into marketing online.

BUT if you’re willing to make this thing work by doing it right, shoot me a message. Let’s talk. Don’t give me any excuses. You can get started today.