7 Keys for Choosing a Great Domain Name

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A good domain name is critical to the success of your online business. Unfortunately there is a lot of disagreement about what you should and should not choose as a domain name.

Some say you should stuff your domain full of relevant keywords. Others say you shouldn’t. Some say branding doesn’t matter much. Others say it’s critical.

Enough noise!

Here’s what I’ve found works in my experience.

Keep it short

You don’t want your domain name to be miles long. Keep it nice and short so it doesn’t take ten years to type into a web browser.

Make it easy to remember

If it isn’t easy to remember, it’s a terrible domain. Think of your top four or five favorite websites (that you don’t own). Are their domain names memorable or do you have to stop and think, “Wait. What was that site again?”

Most likely you don’t have to strain too hard because they have names you can remember easily! Your domain should stick in the minds of your visitors.

Can you pronounce it?

If you speak to someone, can you pronounce your domain name? If not, keep looking for something better.

Make it brandable

Does it sound catchy? Does it sound like a good brand name? If not, keep looking. Don’t focus on stuffing your domain full of keywords and make it hideous. That’s a common – and easily avoided – mistake.

Can it be confused with another site?

If your domain is easily confused with another, keep looking. You want yours to be unique.

Don’t violate any trademarks

Make sure you’re not using a registered trademark as or as part of your domain. While you may be fine, don’t risk it as you could open yourself up to legal trouble.

Is it relevant to your topic?

While your topic doesn’t have to be obvious from your domain name, you do NOT want it to be something off the wall and random either.

Here’s the bottom line

Your domain name is important – but your content is even more important. The important thing to remember when picking a domain name is to keep it catchy and memorable. But don’t stop there.

Make sure you have great content for your site. Without great content, it won’t matter what your site is called. Content is king!