4 Things “Gurus” Hide

Internet marketing is a strange field. Everywhere you look there’s another self-appointed “guru” promising to show you the way to making millions. I won’t name names in this post, but you’ve probably seen them.

These guys are wildly successful and have huge email lists – or at least they seem to be successful. They’ll offer you product after product to buy. Some of them are great and actually help. Others… not so much.

I’ve been around the proverbial Internet marketing block a few times, and I’ve seen the ugly side. In fact, I used to promote the ugly side. No more.

There are (at least) four things “gurus” don’t want you to know.

1 – There are tons of junk products out there

The Internet is full of junk products that promise the world and deliver squat. It’s maddening! Why don’t they want you to know that? Because their products may fall into that category.

2 – Gurus make much of their money selling their OWN products

Gurus who say they are making bank online are usually only telling you part of the story. They will create product after product. Download this ebook. Buy this course. So on and so forth. These products supposedly teach you to replicate the guru’s success.

But you find me 10 gurus out there, and I would be willing to bet that 7 of them are making more money from selling their products than they are from doing what they claim to teach.

See, I used to be a guy like that. I used to sell products teaching how to do this and that. But my money was coming from selling the products instead of actually doing what I was claiming to teach. Not good!

3 – You SHOULD be skeptical of marketing claims

That’s why you need to be skeptical. Any time you come across a sales page or read sales copy, question in. Don’t take the claims for granted. See if you can find reviews of any product before you purchase it.

4 – Success is almost NEVER instant (or fast)

Don’t expect to get rich because you bought a course or downloaded an ebook. See there’s a lie going around, and I despise it. I fell for it more than once too. The lie is that it’s easy to make money fast online. Can you make money on the Internet? Absolutely! Can it be done quickly? Not usually.

Programs that promise success within hours or overnight are almost always leaving something out.

Being successful takes time, effort, and sometimes even investment. You must be willing to work hard and learn. Buying a course is not the same as doing the work. Reading an ebook is not the same as actually launching your business.

Bottom Line

Making money online is possible even if you have no prior experience. But it takes time and effort. Watch out for those who promise to make you rich overnight. It won’t happen. Read reviews. Be skeptical of marketing claims. The Internet can be a scary place. Internet marketing is no exception.

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