4 Questions to Ask Before Promoting a Product

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Finding affiliate products to promote is easy. Finding good affiliate products to promote is less easy. Affiliate marketplaces are full of products ranging from helpful and useful to absolutely horrible.

It’s imperative that you do the legwork and make sure that any product you choose to promote is actually a good product that should be promoted. Being an affiliate for bad products is a quick way to hurt your reputation and your business.

Ok, Michael. That’s great. But what should we look for in a product to promote?

In my experience there are four major things we need to ask before signing up as an affiliate for any product or product owner.

Here we go.

Before you promote an affiliate product, ask these four questions.

Question 1: Would you buy this product if you were the target audience?

Ok, I get it. Maybe you’re just not that into your product’s niche. Granted. But what if you were? Would you buy the product if you were interested in that niche?

This requires to you to know a bit about those in your niche. Does this product have what they’re looking for?

Put yourself in their shoes as much as you can. Could you imagine yourself buying this product if you were the target audience? If not, why not? And if you wouldn’t buy it, then you shouldn’t be promoting it.

Question 2: Is the product worth the asking price?

Before you promote that affiliate product, ask yourself if it’s worth the asking price. Does the product provide value that fits the asking price?

If not, should you really be promoting it? I don’t think so.

Question 3: Can customers get support if needed?

Hopefully anyone who buys a product won’t need help, but sometimes people do. It’s just part of doing business online.

The question here, though, is can someone who needs help actually get it? If he has trouble with a download or accessing a purchased file or getting logged in etc, is there an active channel of support he can use?

What kind of support is available? Phone? Email? Chat?

How about a refund policy? Obviously you don’t want people to ask for refunds, but if they need to, can they?

Question 4: As far as you can tell, is the product creator trustworthy?

The affiliate marketing scene is full of shady characters. When you’re finding an affiliate product to promote, find out what you can about the product’s seller. Does he have a good track record? Can he support his customers? Does he provide a good value for the money?

Wrap up

We could go much more in depth with each one of these questions, but I hope you’re getting the picture. Before you choose any affiliate product to promote, make sure it’s something that you would buy (if you were the target audience), something that’s worth the money, offers support for buyers, and has a reliable seller.

If an affiliate product fails any of these four tests, it’s probably not something you should be promoting.

If you find a product that doesn’t meet these standards, don’t worry! There are plenty more products out there to find.